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A Whole New You

Dec 17, 2019

Missy Linkletter joins us to discuss the tragic loss of her son Justin. She talks about how Justin’s very personal and poignant conversation with her just prior to his death changed the course of her life. Despite overwhelming grief, Missy kept her promise to Justin and lost an extraordinary amount of weight and made the commitment to get healthy. Missy now writes about her journey of grief and hope. Her passion is to help other women know the true, Living Water, that forever satisfies the longing soul. Her prayer is for every woman to treasure God and His Word, above all else.


[01:30]   Introduction to Missy

[04:50]   Her past health issues and struggles with weight  

[08:26]   When Missy developed a relationship with the Lord and how that became a turning point in her life

[13:12]   About her son Justin — his life, personality, and faith

[17:32]   Justin’s life-changing conversation with his mom just prior to his passing. He asked her to get healthy, and she made a promise to him to do so.

[22:38]   Why Missy feels Justin’s conversation with her was divinely-inspired.

[25:05]   How Missy has managed to avoid temptations with food even in the midst of grief. Finding hope and sustenance through Scripture and her faith in God.

[31:34]  The greatest lessons learned from Justin’s death

[34:25]  Missy’s words of advice for anyone experiencing loss or grief

[39:37]  How to find/connect with Missy



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