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A Whole New You

Dec 31, 2019

Kim Mulvaney is a writer who provides women with tangible advice to start pursuing a life of contentment and fulfillment. Finding joy in the simple things is key to this. Though it can be tough work, being healthy and happy isn't nearly as complicated as we make it. Kim wants to show women how to break through the mental blocks that keep us from living a life of abundance.


[01:16]   Five-star Review

[02:03]   Introduction to Kim Mulvaney — her education & work history, family, personal life, and why she decided to start writing to encourage other women

[14:29]   Kim’s e-book “Simply Filled” and its back story; connections between mental and physical health  

[21:52]   Importance of gratitude for our lives the way they are now. Happiness doesn’t come in our search for the “next thing”

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[29:45]   Why the word “hustle” doesn’t serve us. Our goal should be to seek joy.

[32:23]   Importance of self-care in simple ways (even baby steps count!) — good nutrition, making time for exercise, and exploring hobbies. How taking care of ourselves helps us nurture others.

[41:31]  “Root for Your Sisters.” — Why lifting up other women is essential. We are called to be in community. Social media can create anxiety and feelings of worthlessness. 

[48:25]  How Kim’s faith factors into her life practices and mindset.

[55:03]  How to find/connect with Kim


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