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A Whole New You

Jan 14, 2020

Jessica Procini is an Emotional Eating Healer and the founder of Escape From Emotional Eating®. She is on a mission to help others use food as fuel rather than as a way to cope, soothe, or escape their busy, stressful lives. She consciously created and specifically designed Escape From Emotional Eating from her own emotional eating journey because Overeaters Anonymous didn’t resonate, and therapy wasn’t enough when it came to getting help to fully end her fight with food. Now being 100% free from her compulsions with food, she helps others do the same through all her levels of support, such as her retreats, called The ESCAPE, her year-long transformational programs and through her various public, talks, events and workshops.

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[01:15]     Jessica bio and personal story.

[05:00]     What is emotional eating?

[10:00]     Getting to the root of your emotional eating.

[12:00]     4 emotional needs correlated with the roots: safety, belonging, happiness, love.

[16:00]     The importance of feeling your feelings.

[17:00]     Information on our show partners Perfect Supplements and Amazon.

[22:00]     How not to get stuck in your emotions.  Feel then move into healing.  Move through it with Jessica’s process of digesting emotions.  

[24:00]     Written process to get emotions out of the body.  9 steps working with the five major emotions: mad, sad, glad, scared and bad.

[26:00]     How to heal.  Why diet, exercise, and sometimes even therapy don’t work. It has to be specific and direct work to bridge the gap between the mind and the body.  Pull it out from the roots, don’t just chop it off at soil level.

[30:00]     How the Escape From Emotional Eating retreats work.


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